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Metal Accents

Our latest collection has been created for designers and customers who love furniture with mixed woods and metals. Slightly edgier than our Novus Collection, these pieces combine wood tops with metal bases the collection offers a range of shapes and sizes to choose from. Select your species of wood and type of metal for your base and you have a truly unique and custom piece of furniture.

hyde park home

Quackenbush & Winkler

It has an antique English and French Country style that stays true to the tradition of bench-made furniture. More rustic in design, this furniture also has kept many of the unique and whimsical features, such as the “coat hanger” attached to the top of our Macclesfield chair, found in the market townships of Cheshire in the English countryside.


Antique Designs

Antique Designs was introduced over 40 years ago to provide European Inspired Furniture for the buyer who prefers an easy style with a European flavor. Many different designs of trestle tables, night stands and chests are featured in this collection. This furniture is sturdy and functional, but also beautiful in an array of colors and old world finishes.

hyde park home


The Novus Collection is all about smooth lines and warm wood. Envisioned for today’s buyer, this is contemporary wood furniture but without the sharp edges or hardness that are often a features of very modern furniture. This line of furniture offers transitional custom pieces that blend well in any interior design.