hyde park home


The owners of Hyde Park Home come from an Interior Design background and have built Hyde Park Home as a company that only builds and sells furniture to other Interior Designers. Through collaboration and application of our furniture experience Hyde Park Home can deliver solid wood and metal/wood furniture exactly as the designer needs it to be to make your project “pop”. At Hyde Park Home we design and build authentic, made in the USA, custom wood and metal furniture. We are a boutique company based in Los Angeles that caters to designers and architects.
Every piece of furniture is made to order from scratch, built on the bench by artisans and hand finished to match our standard or custom designer requested finishes the quality of our work is second to none and each piece we build is special and unique.
The evolution of our furniture lines began almost 50 years ago with the Quackenbush and Winkler and Antique Designs Collections. Popular in style, these collection designs honed in on fine English and French reproductions that are today still hand built and carved in detail to match often unaffordable antiques.
HPH’s Novus Collection started 7 years for our designers who were looking for furniture that could bring fresh new focus to transitional design for clients who desired something new. Contemporary, but not too edgy, this collection used the time honored classic lines from Antique Designs and Quackenbush and Winkler with contemporary finishes and details to compliment’s todays simpler design esthetics.
Edgy and dramatic, our most recent collection named Metal Accents combines wood and metal to create unique tables and desks. Metal table bases finishes are both hand applied and plated finishes for unparalleled custom results; of course, you as the designer can choose your own custom top.
Because we are family owned and run, you will always receive our personal touch in all of your furniture orders with Hyde Park Home. Call us the phone is answered by the owners who are ready to help you, the Interior Designer with your project.